TSO Powerline monitoring


IoT Device Management Platform – Digita Oy

The Challenge

Power distribution companies have been looking for a solution to proactively prevent slowly developing faults before they cause severe problems and repair sudden events such as fallen trees on power lines as soon as possible. LoRaWAN long-distance communication combined with an IoT platform provides a cost effective solution to an otherwise expensive maintenance problem.

Powergrid IoT dashboard

Digita’s Powergrid IoT, a power line monitoring solution for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) build on top of OpenRemote, is a cloud service which visualises and provides alerts from overhead power lines using smart Line Sag Sensors. The solution visualises sag levels on a map, sends alerts to mobile devices, and connects to the TSO maintenance system via web hooks.

Insights on the go

The Transmission System Operator (TSO) and individual installers can get an insight into the overall performance of the power lines and receive notifications when sag changes indicate icing of the power lines or fallen trees. The increased visibility to the overhead power lines status and accurate positioning of sudden incidents brings fast return on investment.

Smart Alerting

The additional Groovy rules and When Then rules allow for accurate prediction of critical sag values and subsequently sending off alerts to different users and roles in the Powergrid IoT platform. Rules and map visualisations can be tailored differently for each TSO for which Digita is offering the Powergrid IoT solution, with each TSO being offered their own Powergrid management interface.

Connected Sources

Digita offers Line Sag Sensors, using LoRaWAN technology with low-power and long-distance communication capabilities. The LoRaWan Network Server is seamlessly integrated with the Powergrid IoT platform and automatically creates and connects newly installed sensors, registers their location and installation date, and separates them by realms for each individual Transmission System Operator (TSO).

IoT Device Management for Manufacturers

Managing IoT devices can become complex for Manufacturers distributing large numbers of products to customers, whether for your installer, distributor or service manager.

The OpenRemote IoT Device Management Platform connects and controls all your devices, using auto provisioning combined with MQTT broker, or its Edge Gateway. More importantly, alerts are set to monitor optimal performance as well as unexpected behaviour. Notifications are send to installers or end users to take action.

A dashboard for you as Manufacturer, and mobile apps for installers and end users. All can be tailored to your specific context and identity, and hosted in your own secure environment.

Use cases