Supporting your IoT implementation


The Extra Mile

With our platform you can handle any asset management project for your smart city or building application. However, we realize tailoring the platform to your exact needs and creating customized apps is not everyone’s strong suit. For those projects we offer our experience and skills as a service: from uncovering opportunities to translating them into the solution you need. Our team of designers and developers is ready to work with you. We truly believe in open source and offer our services to create independent and happy customers.

How We Work

Open Source Licensing

All our software code and the documentation is available on GitHub. Nothing stops you from trying it out, we actually promote it. If you think it fits your business you are free to use it under the same open source licenses. If preferred, we can offer you a commercial license.

Consultancy & Engineering

We offer to help you with the implementation process, always remaining fully transparent about the next steps. Through our services we quickly get you going but also take care that you are prepared to take over at any time. Our services range from concept development and UX, to software integration, and getting your development team in place.

Service & Maintenance

If you prefer working with a trusted partner to turn to, with any questions related to hosting or support, we can do all of this for you. Together with you we can select and organize your hosting provider, become part of your development team, or backup your support team.