Privacy Policy

As OpenRemote, we like to keep you posted on the development of our software, give you access to the code base, and invite you to our forum. We use third party tools for that: GitHub, Discourse. We will not use any of the information you leave behind, beyond the purpose these tools are made for: share code, and discus the use of our software.

For those of you who have an online Designer 2.5 account, we are using your e-mail address to help you reset your password if needed. We are also storing your project configuration, but there is no way we can and will have access to your sensor data. These are always stored on your local controller.

For customers applying our Manager 3.0 software commercially, and for whom we are hosting it as a service, we will review whether we are storing any privacy related data. In that case we arrange a data processing agreement. In addition we inform and support on requirements set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you agree via our contact forms or registration form for the Designer, we will use you name and e-mail to send you information about our product, company related news, or events. We don’t use tracking cookies on our website. We are using Google Analytics, but just for statistics.