A powerful 100% open source IoT-platform to build your Fleet Telematics system


OpenRemote presents a robust open-source IoT platform tailored for the development of telematics fleet management systems. OpenRemote provides a solution for data integration and management in any type of mobile fleet of assets. Through the flexibility of OpenRemote, we can integrate with any type of GPS tracker, and cater to the specific needs of fleet management in various sectors, including logistics, transportation, and delivery services, as well as for managing fleets in smart cities, corporate settings, and other specialised areas like airports or large commercial complexes.


Our fleet management solution is a powerful tool for vehicle-centric enterprises to achieve their fleet efficiency and ecological driving goals. The platform is able to integrate different models or different manufacturers in the same installation, allowing for a complete integration of all of your vehicles on one platform. Using pre-configured settings, you can get up and running within minutes, immediately resulting on increased data throughput and a better grasp of your vehicles’ behaviours.

Getting the Most out of your Vehicles

By using OpenRemote, you get access to predictive algorithms that use your data to predict various parameters around your vehicles, to be configured by you. For example, predicting fuel consumption during peak hours, predictions based on the weather conditions of the area, and even arbitrary forecasts purely based on previous data. Using these predictions, you can maximize the value of your fleet and assure that you always operate at maximum efficiency.

Set up once, Automate forever

Using the powerful Rules Engine of the OpenRemote IoT platform, you can automate any type of action to be performed when certain conditions are met. By automating these processes, the management office can more efficiently monitor their fleet, and automatically to perform the actions they have defined. For example, management can be notified when the vehicle arrives or leaves from a specified location, when the speed of a vehicle is above a certain limit, or when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on and off, saving you precious time.
Out of the box data analysis page for connected devices

Data analysis and reporting

Analyzing the data harvested is an imperative aspect of a fleet management system. Using the integrated Insights dashboard, you can use a wide variety of widgets to analyze every parameter and vehicle, and also view information about specific trips and an overview of each vehicle, providing you with maximum control over your fleet. Using this customization, you can use the dashboard feature to monitor every single aspect of every vehicle, by employing user-definable Key Performance Indicators within the dashboard, like fuel consumption figures, average speed quotas, etc.

Start building your fleet telematics system

To get started with OpenRemote’s fleet management integration, you can either contact our service team to implement a complete fleet management solution for you, or you can build it yourself using our open-source solution, with no hidden fees. To continue, please check our fleet management GitHub wiki here. Start your own 100% open source fleet telematics system.

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