Open Source


We believe in true and 100% open source. It means all of our code is available under the open source license AGPLv3, and yes, your are free to use it. There are a few conditions which we gladly explain in plain language.

Using and modifying

You are free to use, modify, combine, compile our software code in any way you want, without any obligation, as long as you don’t redistribute it by means of hardware distribution or through web services.
You can not modify the license or sub-license code.

Sharing or distributing code

If you are combining our software with additional software, which interacts closely with OpenRemote, you must give users access to the source code of the additional software, under the same AGPLv3 license, in such a way that it’s reasonably easy to compile into a working code. ‘Interacts closely’, doesn’t include simply running executables alongside OpenRemote, and interacting with OpenRemote, eg. via APIs or our web components. So that’s still free.

In case you need any support with integrating our software, you can always ask us for help, but there is no obligation.