Data availability is not a problem anymore; the key challenge is to create meaningful connections between the data.

OpenRemote Protocol agents allow you to connect different data sources, live sensors, and even controls. Whether generic HTTP, MQTT, or very specific protocols like KNX, protocols shouldn’t be in your way to create your business application.

Data sources are translated into a generic asset and attribute hierarchal model, which is the first step towards transparent integration with your application. It takes out the complexity out of a variety of different protocols and behaviours.


Generally employees and customers alike can benefit from a non technical convenient solution to their day to day tasks.

OpenRemote creates the perfect front-end application, matching your customer requirements. If you have great UX staff in your team, we offer easy to use web components and APIs which your developers can utilise.

The OpenRemote rules engine allows for any automation, prediction or optimisation in your system. As it can be programmed with Groovy, Javascript, and a JSON or Flow rules object model, all your developers will quickly understand it. The Account management and Identity service gives you the means to decide who has access to which application or data source.

Your applications are designed just once but simultaneously accessible on desktops, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Designing in HTML5, adding our web components, and using our consoles, it’s just an extension to your web strategy.


You need full transparency on what you are getting yourself into. You need to oversee the future costs, maintenance efforts, and security. Tying yourself up with one vendor is never the best option.

OpenRemote offers a 100% open source solution and all services to get you going. Open source also means we as a team are completely transparent on what you will have to manage towards the future. We are happy to do it for you but just as eager to get your own team up to speed and take over.

We have set-up a development environment allowing your development or operation teams to professionally manage, host and extend the full solution. As you always have access to the source code you can turn to any other software developer for help, preventing a vendor lock-in, even with us.

Functions & Features

OpenRemote Manager covers a wide range of functions. We have listed them for you below. If you don’t want to scroll through lists, just try the Online Demo.

User & Management Consoles
  • OpenRemote UI components
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Console for iOS 10 and higher
  • Console for Android 5 and higher
  • Web Console
  • Console and Web Push notification
  • Console Geofences
  • Client/Console APIs
Manager Assets & Attributes
  • Configurable asset and attribute structure
  • Asset location tracking
  • Linking attributes
  • Health Status Provider
  • Manager REST API and Websocket endpoint
Protocol Agent Support
  • ArtNET/DMX
  • HTTP
  • IKEA Tradfri
  • KNX Gateway
  • Controller 2.5
  • EventProtocol
  • Macro
  • MQTT
  • Survey
  • TCP
  • Timer
  • Velbus TCP/IP
  • Velbus Serial
  • Websocket
  • UPnP
  • Z-wave
Manager Rules & Messaging
  • Rules engine for automation
  • Groovy, When-Then and Flow Rules UI
  • Download & upload rules, live deploying
  • JSON and Flow Rules Object Model
  • Prediction & Optimisation Models
  • Messaging service for push, notification, e-mail
  • Notification configuration options
Account management & ID service
  • Multi tenant solution
  • Multiple users and roles
  • Create and Forgot password flow
  • Access rights: public, private or restricted
  • Security OAuth
  • Webcomponent for Identity service
  • Link to Active Directory
Hosting & Service options
  • Docker images
  • On premise hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Hosting as a Service
  • Edge Gateway on ARM