Arnhem Sustainable Energy

Energy Management – City of Arnhem

The Challenge

The City of Arnhem aims to maximise the use of local renewable energy by solar and wind power. The solar and wind park at Kleefsewaard is used for charging electric vehicles across the city as well as the ships docked in its harbor. This requires an energy management solution which predicts energy generation and optimises the charging of vehicles and cold ironing with the use of an additional battery storage at Kleefsewaard.

Energy Dashboard

Energy managers are overseeing a distributed system of solar power generation, electric fleet chargers, cold ironing and battery storage. Performance indicators for financial and carbon savings are monitored. The insights page is used to create a personalised single page view to monitor attributes like local energy, self consumption or saved costs.

Insights on the go

The mobile app and the dashboard builder allows energy managers or maintenance to evaluate the system performance at any time and location. They receive notifications from the system in case of malfunctioning or abnormal behaviour as defined by rules. The app allows for a first analysis of the root cause. Notification rules can even take into account whether staff is on site or not.

Create automated messages based on live asset values

Smart Optimisation

The system forecasts solar power generation, consumption and carbon costs, for the upcoming 24 hours. It’s used to define the optimal charging and discharging cycles for the battery. In addition it uses the vehicle fleet storage capacity, keeping in mind the minimum required power as shared by the charging service provider.

Connected Sources

Solar panel power meters, the charging service provider, the cold ironing provider, and the battery storage system are all connected to the energy management system. Relevant weather data is added to enable the predictions, while the outcome of the running optimisation routine is translated into charging and discharging commands and requested power setpoints.

Energy Management

Energy management requires monitoring of energy generation, energy consumption, and short-term storage systems, and controlling them to strive for maximum financial benefits or carbon savings.

The OpenRemote IoT Platform enables connecting energy systems and run forecast and optimisation routines, taking into account the set targets, the network mode and capabilities of the connected assets.

A dashboard for an energy manager and mobile apps for staff on the ground. All tailored to your specific optimisation and reporting needs, hosted in your own secure environment.

Use cases