Trudo Tower Wind and Solar


Energy Management – Trudo

The Challenge

The energy transition requires maximum use of renewable energy. As densely populated cities lack space, large buildings are equipped with urban systems combining wind and solar to maximise output. The additional challenge is to balance the renewable energy production with consumption: EV charging and heating, even using batteries. That’s where OpenRemote’s Energy Management System comes into play.

Energy dashboard

The OpenRemote Energy Management system connects all systems: solar and wind power, energy meters, batteries and EV chargers, giving energy managers an insight in the daily production and consumption of energy and key performance indicators such as financial and carbon savings, self consumption or autarky.

Insights on the go

The building owner and even individual households can use the Trudo app for all of Trudo’s services. More importantly they get insight in the overall energy performance of their building and are advised on when they can contribute to the energy performance by adjusting the room heating or charging of their cars.

Smart Optimisation

The energy management system forecasts solar and wind power generation, building consumption and can even take into account electricity pricing for the upcoming 24 hours. It’s used to define the optimal charging and discharging cycles for the building battery and vehicles, as well as advising building users to adjust their energy consumption. Different scenarios are quantified in the actual financial as well as carbon saving.

Connected Sources

Solar panel and wind power meters of IBIS power, building electricity meters and heating, battery storage system and charging systems are all connected to the energy management system. Pricing data from the supplier as well as relevant weather data is added to accommodate the predictions, while the outcome of the running optimisation routine is translated into charging and discharging commands and live messages to individual users.

Energy Management

Energy management requires monitoring of energy generation, energy consumption, and short-term storage systems, and controlling them to strive for maximum financial benefits or carbon savings.

OpenRemote manager 3.0 enables connecting energy systems and run forecast and optimisation routines, taking into account the set targets, the network mode and capabilities of the connected assets.

A dashboard for an energy manager and mobile apps for staff on the ground. All tailored to your specific optimisation and reporting needs, hosted in your own secure environment.

Use cases