Citizen Engagement


Smart City and Mobility – City of Eindhoven

The Challenge

The city wants to involve citizens in all of their plans, to maximize engagement. The old fashioned meet-ups aren’t attracting a representative group. Using the official city mobile app, dynamically offering only the information relevant at that time, will improve the service delivery to citizens. Through geo-fences and notifications citizens can be targeted effectively.

Workflow Solution

City project managers organize targeted campaigns, small and large, by inviting users of the official Eindhoven City app. Based on location, time, or other specific conditions, messages will be pushed to app users. Through the action buttons users are invited to specific micro sites within the app containing background information, or live information about a specific topic. Through surveys or forms, citizens can than give feedback, expressing their views or interest instantly available to the project manager.

Graphical User Interface

OpenRemote enables interactive web components to be integrated within the existing city’s official website. These could be survey components, a small graph, or an action button. A static site is made interactive. OpenRemote instantly converts the existing city website into a native iOS and Android app. A dedicated dashboard allows the project manager to define survey components as well as push notifications and related geo-fences for the mobile application.

System Intelligence

OpenRemote rules engine handles the geo-fences of individual mobile devices as triggers for sending a notification, these conditions can be extended by fusing with other sensor data, eg. time, traffic density or weather conditions. Secondly inputs from multiple users are aggregated as statistical feedback to an individual asset or attribute. Consider this a public rating.

Connected Data

Individual citizens are connected to the central platform via their mobile devices. Geo-fences and actions from the city app are the primary sensor data. Imagine you fuse this with weather conditions (heat stress) or traffic conditions to advise on alternative routes. These data sources are already available for most use cases, not requiring any infrastructure investments.

Smart City and Mobility


Managing digital assets in a city can become complex for the responsible departments, whether parking manager, lighting manager, security, or the maintenance department.

The OpenRemote IoT Platform connects and controls different vertical systems, using configurable protocol agents or its Edge Gateway. More importantly, alerts are set to monitor optimal performance as well as unexpected behaviour. Notifications are send to professionals and systems are activated.

A dashboard for a domain manager and mobile apps for staff on the ground. All tailored to your specific context and identity, hosted in your own secure environment.

Use cases