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The challenge

To avoid grid congestion, it’s essential to eliminate peaks in energy consumption. Implementing intelligent management of a power pool within commercial real estate enables the storage of surplus energy during periods of high supply and low demand. The key challenge lies in efficiently releasing stored energy when demand surges or supply diminishes, all while considering dynamic pricing and storage costs. The growing electrification of heating systems and the added strain from heavy electric vehicle (EV) usage, alongside intermittent peak production from solar or wind sources, further complicates the task of grid congestion prevention. As a system integrator, Kersten Techniek sought a solution to address this complexity without compromising performance, safety or service quality.
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Digital Twins

Create your Digital Twins

As a system integrator, you have your own unique approach of modeling systems and installed hardware at your customer sites. You require the flexibility to create your family of digital twins, ensuring that your optimization routines function seamlessly across various locations and that your maintenance staff can clearly observe activities. Additionally, you can present clients with familiar devices in a user-friendly manner rather than simply labeling them as ‘Things’. “OpenRemote offers the capability to define our own asset types and providing Kersten Techniek with the necessary flexibility.”

Monitor your customer sites

For managing multiple sites, it’s crucial to provide customers with secure, isolated access. Each customer requires their own dashboards or even complete control over their sites. OpenRemote provides various methods for managing multiple customers while still offering your back-office a comprehensive overview of all sites. Options include utilizing realms (customized with your customer’s branding), deploying OpenRemote as an Edge gateway, or creating restricted access users. Coupled with a robust identity and access management solution, this allows you to choose the approach that best suits your needs.

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Smart Energy Control

OpenRemote provides a pre-configured example of an energy optimisation service. This service leverages forecasted energy production and consumption, along with dynamic tariffs from your energy provider, to efficiently control flexible loads. It considers any limitations on your flexible loads, such as energy schedules or peak capacities. As your system grows in complexity, you can utilise the optimisation as a foundation for developing your own customised service. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create Groovy scripts or set up when-then rules through the built-in UI to further tailor the optimisation process to your specific requirements.

Connecting devices

Local sites exhibit a wide range of brands and devices, with some utilizing suppliers’ clouds and others employing traditional protocols like Modbus or BACnet. By employing local gateways for integration alongside OpenRemote’s MQTT broker or utilising OpenRemote’s protocol agents, you gain the versatility to integrate any device or system available. Furthermore, leveraging local gateways, whether they are from OpenRemote or other brands, enables you to design fail-safe scenarios to account for potential drops in internet connectivity.

Energy Management

Energy management for Commercial Real Estate

Energy management necessitates the monitoring of energy generation, consumption, and short-term storage systems, as well as controlling them to achieve maximum financial benefits or carbon savings.
OpenRemote facilitates the connection of energy systems and the execution of forecast and optimisation routines, considering predefined targets, network modes, and capabilities of the connected assets.
We provide a customisable dashboard for energy managers and mobile applications for on-site staff, all designed to meet your specific optimization and reporting requirements, hosted within your secure environment.

Use cases