For Windows 11, 10, 8 and Office KMS PICO Activator

An essential tool for Microsoft product activations, KmsAuto stands as a user-friendly and versatile solution, streamlining the activation process with its innovative approach.

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Connect your equipment while out in the field to optimize yield as well as safeguard operation

OpenRemote lets you provision, connect, monitor and control all of your agriculture equipment. Your farmers get their own bespoke mobile app to access, optimize and monitor all their equipment while increasing yield in a sustainable way. The open source IoT platform is the perfect basis for your own agriculture IoT device management platform without a vendor lock-in.

Bring your devices online

Auto provision and securely connect your devices to the platform once powered up at your customer. A digital representation will be created and show its live status. Roll out firmware updates to keep your devices secure

Add automation

Create automated behaviour of the system using rules. Generate alerts and directly control your devices based on live data. Create the rules with easy drag and drop interfaces, or if needed with advanced scripting tools.

Data visualisation

Collect, process, and visualise data, to gain new insights for you and your customers. Present the data using dedicated dashboards.


Serve your distributors

You can offer distributors their own management environment. They can manage their devices and even add automation logic themselves without requesting your support.


Bespoke apps for installers and end users

Create custom apps for your customers using our web components. These apps include easy installation flows and are made to fit your product. Of course it lets users interact with your devices.

Integrate with existing workflows

Build separate dashboards for service organisations or link into their existing workflows. We seamlessly integrate into your business applications like ERP, CRM or Identity service.


Herd-ITT offers a cattle monitoring solution offering both location as well as health tracking with OpenRemote as interface to their professional customers. See the Herd-ITT product.
A-Electronix supports agriculture device manufacturers developing gateways for their farming solutions. Using the OpenRemote platform both distributors and farmers have access to their machines, to monitor performance and optimise output. More about A-Electronix