Energy Management & Optimization

The Problem

What is the most effective way to convert large residential or office buildings into green buildings using only sustainable energy, preferably by becoming grid independant. Customer has chosen a dual approach in which individual tenants have full control over optimizing heating and power consumption, while at building level the solar production, battery storage capacity, and predicted occupancy patterns are used to optimize energy storage and consumption.

Workflow Solution

Individual tenants have an individual application, allowing them to control climate, alarm, and smart power. A week schedule, predictive scheduling and the scene configurator will allow for energy optimization beyond the regular approaches by a BMS. The predictive and actual scheduling on the other hand allows for optimizing the energy production, storage and usage, limiting peak demands and maximizing the use of green energy.

Graphical User Interface

The OpenRemote manager enabled the development of a Blok61 app for tenants, and the coupling with their individual homes via the user login. It gives full insight and control over their individual home. The building owner uses the default OpenRemote Manager to monitor all individual systems, for maintenance purposes.

System Intelligence

Via OpenRemote’s rules engine, the infrared sensors in combination with CO2 sensors are used to monitor presence as well as calculate a predictive presence schedule. In addition, when users turn on the alarm, and presence is still detected, the rules engine and messaging service will send a notification to the individual tenant.

Connected Data

Individual solutions for Climate, sensors, and control of power and ventilation are locally connected via a gateway. Via a cloud service the data and control are connected to the OpenRemote manager. OpenRemote adds rules to turn data into more advanced user information and decide on control actions, eg for Thermostat scheduling, Auto Ventilation or Smart Start functions of dishwashers.

How We Helped

OpenRemote defined and created the end-user applications and user related energy optimization rules. We supported the software implementation as member of a larger development team. OpenRemote facilitated direct user communication and training and is hosting the cloud based solutions on behalf of the property developer and building owner.