Asset maintenance management


OpenRemote lets you monitor and control any asset, independent of brand and communication protocol. The open source IoT platform functions as the intelligent layer that connects all your systems with you and your clients, creating the open source solution for asset maintenance and asset management.

One dashboard for all systems

Customers often use OpenRemote because they lack the complete picture of their fragmented technical systems after years of projects. Most of those systems are installed and used for a specific goal, without being compatible with any overarching system. With OpenRemote all these systems can be connected and speak a common language. In this common language they can talk to each other and to the user.

Easy interface to add intelligence to the IoT system

Maintenance and automated alerts

Now that all systems can be accessed in one place, monitoring and maintenance is next. With a simple interface the user can create his/her own rules. These rules can describe thresholds that, if crossed, trigger an alert. These alerts can be automatically directed to the one responsible for that asset by e-mail or in-app notification so that they can solve the problem before it occurs.

New services by combining systems

With monitoring under control, you can start creating new functionality by combining your connected assets. With an easy user interface you create rules to describe behaviour of your system, for example “When parking space A is full, then use LED displays to direct to parking space B”, or “When the sun goes down and people are present, then turn on the lights to scene 2”, or “When solar energy production is higher than building energy consumption, then charge the electric car”

Mobile asset management app

Data analysis and visualisation

With all live values in one place, performance of assets can be reviewed on the Insights page. Assets can be compared in time, layering two time periods over each other, or compared with each other, seeing how they behave differently. The freedom to create these graphs on the fly with live data lets you analyse the system very effectively. With the newly gained insights, you can directly go to the assets page and make the adjustments needed.

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